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your first and only community dedicated to Liam Hemsworth

the only community for everything Liam Hemsworth
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about. us.

Welcome to team_hemsworth, first and the most updated community dedicated to Liam Hemsworth! Please feel free to join the community if you want to see the entries. Membership is open.

where credit is due.

profile code: palebird | layout: biconic
header: skyealways

the mods.

if you have any questions/problems/etc don't be afraid to contact one of the mods: at our page-a-mod post. we'll be happy to help you.
yours mods are:
skyealways, brasswires & violalions

simple guide

golden rule: no bashing on Liam here.

content: You can post whatever you like as long as it's related to Liam and/or his characters/movies. Post any news, articles, fanarts, fanfictions, fanmixes, etc. All non-related posts will be deleted. If you're posting some kind of article/news/pictures please include source. Use only the default font and text size.

tags: Remember; tags are your best friends. You have to use them, especially when it comes to graphic posts. Take a look at the tag list before posting. If you don't know how to tag your post and you can't find the right tag, please contact one of the mods through page-a-mod post and we will be happy to help you.

promotion posts: Before posting a post where you promote your community/site ask a mod for permission and include that permission in that post. Other way it will be deleted. Check our page-a-mod post for the permission.

pictures: if you're posting pictures and there are 10 or less of them, please don't post just a preview and a link to a fansite's gallery, but upload them all on one of the free image hosting sites (photobucket, imageshack.com, imagebam.com, etc). If there are more than 10, please upload at least 10 photos and then give the link to the rest of them, for people who want to see them.

our friends.


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